How You Doin?

*Taps mike* Alrighty then. Welcome one and all to witness the crazy shit that goes on in my head. I will try to stay on topic and let you guys know which of my characters are getting their groove on. Heads up, I’m a ‘write what I want to read’ kind of girl, so most of my main characters are in M/M relationships. I do have a few lesbian tales down the line, but they have to wait with the rest of the plot bunnies locked up in my dungeon.

This blog will focus on my insane goal of becoming a full-time writer, random crap I’m shoving down my gullet, benchmarks, and the stupid things I do like damaging my stories’ flash drive without a back-up. I have dropbox now and emailed myself recent files, so hoping not to have a repeat. There will also be a lot of obscure tv references because I have no personal life and worship the magic picture box.

Here are the stories I’m working on or trying to get published:

Blood and Motive – 120,000 complete M/M fantasy

The Unhelpful Guide – 12,000 editing M/M scifi

Grumpy Pants – (title not written in stone) 43,000(120,000 estimate) M/M fantasy with comedic elements

Martian Vampires – 20,000(120,000 estimate) M/M sci-fi

Old Comforts – 20,000(about 15,000 for each story, six tales planned) M/M fantasy, fairy tales


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