Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

Since I got my introduction out of the way, I guess I should tell you about my stories.

Blood and Motive is about badass knights and squires of Verlaia fighting an evil wizard without knowing one of their own is his grandson. The grandson, Alex Reynolds, plans on shoving a large ice spike up his grandfather’s ass if given half a chance. He’s an ice elemental so he can actually do that. All of this happens during a civil war that’s started by Alex’s grandfather who is the son of Myrddin Emrys. This is an alternate reality tale about what happens to Myrddin’s bloodline thousands of years after the whole ‘sword in the stone’ incident. In other words, things didn’t go well. Myrddin’s wife died, their son turned evil and is terrorizing a whole country.

And like in some father-son disagreements, Myrddin turns his back on the problem and hopes it will make his son less douchey. That approach doesn’t really work out for mortals and turns out to work even less for wizards. Patrick just becomes more powerful and shoots out seven sons in the meantime. So instead of facing just one evil wizard, Verlaia has to deal with eight. Or…well…seven because the seventh son, Nicholas, turns out not to be a douche. Nicholas betrays his father and persuades Myrddin to come to Verlaia. Myrddin accepts but Nicholas ends up executed before any help can get to him.

Enter Alex, Nicholas’s son and not very happy with Patrick for killing his father. He’s even less happy about inheriting Patrick’s rare ice elemental powers. Patrick is friggin ecstatic because their magic works great against Myrddin’s water abilities, and Patrick kind of killed the only other living ice elemental, Nicholas. Not keen on working for a guy who goes on lethal rage-fits, Alex sneaks away to Myrddin with the help of Verlaia’s knights. Of course the knights think that Alex is just a poor castle servant without magic, but that’s because lying is the only way Alex can reach adulthood with his head still attached.

Things are gravy for six years, but Alex still has to hide his magic while an alliance is in the works with neighboring country, Eros. Patrick used to live in Eros and he was a pretty big dick there too. Eros wants nothing to do with Patrick’s family, so having Alex prance around with Patrick’s physical traits and magic is not going to seal the deal. Since conflict is awesome, Eros’s First Knight starts checking out Alex and decides that mysterious squires who dodge his advances are yummy. All Alex wants to do is obey Myrddin’s orders to stay low. He in no way wants to put his hands anywhere near big muscly First Knights who wear lots of tight black leather.

So, the short version is Alex has to take on his fear of Patrick, his shitty family, and love without becoming a martyr like his father.

I’ll tell you all about Grumpy Pants tomorrow.


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