Then There Was His Grumpiness

After Blood and Motive, I needed more romance without any war crisis attached. Something funny starring a character who has too much personality for his own good. Thus, Sebastian Orwell, a.k.a. Grumpy Pants, was born. He is the youngest son of a disreputable lord, cursed with an unknown malady that forces him to remain covered from head to toe, and has eleven siblings. All Sebastian wants in life is to move from home and run a bookstore. Adventures will not lead to a normal quiet life, so he hates them with all his heart. Unfortunately, he’s my main character, so he’s getting adventures out the ass. To get a better picture of Sebastian, I’ll give you a taste of his thoughts by going through a list of his dislikes.

  1. Sebastian does not like wounded princes traipsing through his backyard with assassins close by.
  2. Sebastian does not like that same prince declaring his love for him.
  3. Sebastian does not like being caught in assassin’s traps because the prince is trying to woo him.
  4. Sebastian does not like finding out that his father’s past might be connected to the assassination attempts.
  5. Sebastian does not like choosing between his shitty father and a prince developing strange fetishes for cloaked men.
  6. Sebastian does not like falling in love.
  7. Sebastian does not like that he will never see that damned bookstore.

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