Test Your Might

I guess I’ll start out my resolutions post with my lessons/failures/successes from 2013.

What I learned:

  • Editing is not my worst enemy cast from the hellfires of self-abasement and madness. It’s actually quite nice if you keep practicing.
  • Being called an author even if you think you haven’t earned it yet, feels amazeballs.
  • Finishing stories keeps the Beast of Doubt at my ankles instead of at my throat.
  • The most daunting thing about writing isn’t that success is a crapshoot, it’s the doubt. I wasn’t surprised to see writers still trying to find their stride ten to twenty years after they started, what really got to me was seeing writers with thirty to forty years on their belt talk about doubt still nagging them.


  • NaNoWriMo. I jumped in mid-month because I missed my self-imposed editing deadline but damned if I didn’t friggin’ try to make it.
  • No agent or published story, but I guess learning patience is good.
  • Blogging(obviously).


  • I switched the amount of time I spent online with how much writing I used to do. Writing is officially my top habit.
  • My fear of putting myself out there has lessened.
  • I have only one more edit to do(unless I spot something horribly wrong) on Grumpy Pants after only a month. Take that two-year editing job on Blood and Motive that almost made me cry.

And here are the big ol’ promises of 2014:

  • Blog regularly.
  • Get an agent.
  • Give Big-Ass Fantasy another go.
  • Finish editing backlog of first drafts.
  • Finish writing Fairy Tales, Martian Vampires, Matchmaker, Tech Support, and Witches for Hire.

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