Swoops Out Of The Shadows

I’m back from a three month hiatus and I only feel slightly guilty because I didn’t have internet. I did stay busy editing Grumpy Pants and writing Witches for Hire. My progress has slowed on the latter because I’ve taken time to find my voice. Since the stupid thing didn’t come pre-packed with my scrivener app, it took quite a bit of work finding out what the hell my writing is supposed to be. I read several sites that told me to write my personal traits, essays, shopping lists, and something about sacrificing the heart of Neil Gaiman(I kid, I kid. BIG NO!). The lists of traits got me on the right track, but the other things didn’t pan out.

Another site advised writing a story in 1st person, but I’ve never felt comfortable with it because I’m an old fogey who grew up reading 3rd person fantasy. But like in high school, when confronted with writing an essay, I will do everything in my power to avoid it, including starting a racing book in 1st person. I expected my efforts to fail miserably and I would burn my laptop after the first paragraph, but I started having fun. A vibrant smart ass came out of my fingers and he reminded me of Sebastian(Grumpy Pants). Now I see why Grumpy Pants has been easier to write than my first book. Blood and Motive(formerly known as Blood Runs Thicker Than Water) was written by me when I still thought of myself as pre-2005 Sam.

That Sam was an optimist who saw the world as a fair place. After a series of soap opera catastrophes, Present Sam, not so much. Present Sam is a cynic who has four back-up plans because one way or another, if something can go wrong, it will.


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