Give In To The ADD

I fought, cried, and probably deleted something I shouldn’t have in a quest to force my brain to write one wip at a time. Every time I tried, the general response from my brain was this:



I even bargained with my brain and said, ‘Hey, let’s try writing three wips simultaneously. I’m sure that’s better than jumping around ten different stories a week.’

My brain:



So, I said eff it, ignored most writing advice for sane people and now I write every scene that pops into my head regardless of time or how far down the wip list it is. The results? My normal daily wordcount is back up to 2k and I’m editing faster. This is why I rarely give out writing advice.  What works for me would drive someone else insane or tank any chances of them having a career. I think that’s why I wrote this post. If I try to write like other people, I will fail.


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