Battlecry Of The Sickly

One of the hardest things about writing with fibro is building self-confidence. An author’s career is already filled with a shit-ton of challenges and bad health adds to the already low odds of succeeding. It also doesn’t to help know that if I lived in a less humane society, I would be this little guy going on a permanent space ride.


I hope the new place has rainbows and puppies!

 When I started out on the path of writing full-time, I made a list of criteria I wanted to meet. 2k daily word goals, finish editing a 120k story in less than a year, and being able to work most of the day instead of a couple hours. It took years of yelling at myself, personal bribes, and accepting that I needed to take a day off every now and then when my joint pain becomes too much, but I met those goals. This is not a place I thought I would be in 2011 when I had a pretty big health scare because I wasn’t taking care of myself. That’s something else I learned. While I’ll never treat my body like a temple(eyes empty package of oreos), I do have to listen to it even when I’m angry at it for holding me back. And yes, if you have health problems, you will get angry during writing times when you know if you had a better body, you could write 2 or 3k more words. A lot of could’ve, would’ve, should’ves will roll through your head, but none of them can finish a book.

So, be a doritos chip. Be bold and if you have to, steal some dude’s piss and blood to make your way in the world.


 “I never saved anything for the swim back,” will be written on my gravestone.


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