I found out recently that I have 150 stories down the line. I opened evernote and bam, plot summaries overload. Evernote has been a good way to drop plot bunnies while I’m too busy working on other stories, but I didn’t maintain the pastures and bunnies are running amuck.

Blog-Night_of_the_Lepus - CopyYes, I saw this movie.

My biggest problem is shinies. If you give me the dirtiest rock you can find, I will take that bad boy and shine that sucker until it gleams like a diamond. It’s the same thing with stories. My brain spots an interesting take on a half-dead bunny and without wanting to, my head will work out a solid plot, characters and world to revive that bunny to good health. I’m not complaining. I love knowing that I can make any story work, but I’ve saved a lot of bunnies and they don’t want to stay in their enclosures. It’s gotten so bad, I’m developing an Anya complex; which is why I’m going back to the shinies metaphor.

In order to stop myself from growing crazy, I’ve arranged my stories by how easy they are to clean/write.

These are jewels that have a clear beginning, middle, end, and the characters have become real people. My goal is to finish first drafts/editing by the end of this year:

Witches for Hire/Urban Fantasy novel – a wizard, an amazon, and two witches work in a jack of all trades agency taking on magical problems. Most of them have complicated reasons for joining that kind of job, including dark pasts and attaining a green card to live in the earth realm. – 23k/90k written

Angry Sex/Romance novella – a horror writer can’t stop hate banging an entrepreneur responsible for a baseball stadium being built over neighborhood landmarks. – 6k/15k written

Family of Lies: Demetrius(A King or Nothing )/Fantasy novella – Sebastian’s older brother Demetrius is kidnapped by a pirate to help him track down slavers capturing ships while using that pirate’s flag. Demetrius isn’t happy that he’s involuntarily signed up to play hero and gives the pirates hell.  – 33,421/In Editing

Royal Persuasion/Romance novella – a dancer sales his body for extra coin so he can score a royal match during the Marriage Games. Hijinks ensue when MC realizes his number 1 customer was the king; a man only the richest are dumb enough to pursue because they have enough money to prevent being assassinated by rivals. – 5k/30k written

Matchmaker/Romance novel – a baker pisses off an entire guild of matchmakers after dissing their computer love program designed to accurately match anyone. – 7k/30k written

Tech Support/Romance novel – a computer techie is caught between not getting killed by his new murderous boss at a spy agency, and the field agent he’s worked behind the scenes on missions with who is on murderous boss’s shit list. – 5k/80k written

War God’s Servant/Fantasy short story – a farmer becomes a legend defending his home from invasion and grabs the attention of the God of War, Galhearne. – 7,246/In Editing.

Those Golden Touches/Romance novel – two screenwriters, Kelsey and Ali, have been best friends since college and worked their way into the big leagues as a writing duo. After Kelsey almost has a heart attack, Ali decides that he wants more than friendship. – 1k/100k written

Old Comforts(Grouchy)/Fairy Tales novella – The happiness impaired dwarf sleeps with a hideous man named Rumpelstiltskin and wakes to find silver on the bed. Grouchy isn’t in the sex business so he tracks down the idiot and gives him back his money. The fella is a little strange but Grouchy meets up with him again while his family’s in town helping the royal family search for a goblin the Queen promised her first born to. – 27,736/In Editing


These jewels are a little cloudy but still valuable. Other than Martian Vampires, I don’t open them unless I’m having serious writer’s block or I just finished a novel and my brain needs breathing room:

Martian Vampires/Scifi novel – a young man is almost killed by an alien vampire and has no idea how he’ll tell his family and friends that their planet is being invaded. – 16k/100k written

Silver Prints/Romance novel – Bishop, a priest, hires a bodyguard to escort him safely to his temple after an attempt on his life. His bodyguard isn’t thrilled with Bishop’s plea not to kill the assassins or priests in general because a charlatan caused a plague in his village. – 10k/60k written

In My Genes/Romance novel – Nathan finds out his father was a world famous racer and his death is why Nathan’s mom freaks out if he drives over the speed limit. After the funeral of a close friend who trained Nathan’s father, Nathan inherits a racing car and has to decide whether or not fulfilling his racing dreams is worth breaking his mother’s heart. (This is a funny story, I swear)

Perseverance/Romance novel – a boy’s family wants him to walk in his father’s mob shoes, but he wants a clean life and a romantic relationship with his male schoolmate.

Blood and Motive 2/Novel sequel – deals with the aftermath of Alex killing his grandfather, and his country opening up communication with the outside world that shunned them because of their demonic civil war.

Lady Fencers(Will change)/Steampunk novel – a school teacher’s scientist father is kidnapped, and she and her fiancé have to find him before one of his inventions is used to assassinate a governor. – 5k/60k written

Henri Hollinger/Cyberpunk novel – a private detective tries to solve a missing person’s case with the mob and corrupt cops after a chip the victim possessed.

Santa Kills/YA novel – a flu-stricken teen witnesses her neighbor stabbed to death by Santa and no one believes her. – 1k/?k


This year, I made the rule that if I finish a novella, another one is added to the list. Two novellas and I can add a novel. I’m still trying to get editing up to my writing speed, but I have a ways to go. I’ll probably make a post about how I handle multiple wips and more info about Witches for Hire later in the week.


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