Do Not Try This At Home

Seriously, I’m kind of an idiot for trying to write 150 stories, but I’m stubborn as hell. Here’s a few things I remember so I don’t go crazy.

  1. My brain is a damned dirty liar.
  2. No matter how many times I say I’ll do something later, that later is usually the next day or next week.
  3. I can make all the New Year’s goals I want, I usually break them and planning future wips based on how fast I’m churning out work turns out more accurate.
  4. I jump around wips a little bit, but I only justify that if my output is consistent.
  5. Line cutting is allowed if I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I will finish that story in a timely manner. If I can’t see every scene in my head perfectly, it’s not worth it.
  6. If I know my brain is lying(it usually is) about having the story down pat, I put an outline in evernote and it gets in line like all the other ones.
  7. Trial and error is okay. I experiment a lot trying to increase my speed, and some strategies work and some don’t. As long as I move along quickly when they fail, it’s not a waste of my time.
  8. My workspace can become a disaster area, but it’s arranged so that no matter how much junk compiles, I can still work.


Now on to Witches for Hire.

Most of the themes in this story are about trust. I have a wizard(Clive) who has burned his bridges in another world and is starting a new life in the earth realm, an amazon(Edarra) learning to control her strength since she has one warning left before she’s deported, a witch(Simone) working as a secretary and keeping mum about the danger her family is in because of secretive werewolf bullshit she married into, and a cynical witch(Jeremy) who is visibly in pain every day but snaps at any personal questions.

These 4 have a lot of secrets but this series will start off answering some about Jeremy. He’s an earth-born witch who’s the son of a politician and can’t go a day without wearing a suit. He’s worked multiple jobs with Simone and their bosses have a habit of disappearing or dying. This isn’t great news for Clive who is forced to hire them from the employment agency as goodwill towards his green card. Jeremy doesn’t help things by being an arrogant bastard. He’s powerful and people break into their workplace just to get their hands on his spellcasting supplies. Of course it’s booby-trapped and not even Clive is allowed in Jeremy’s office without supervision.

This character is a lot of fun to write because unlike Sebastian(Grumpy Pants), this fella gladly crosses the line into unlovable asshole with no regrets. I just had to go through the extra effort of making his douchiness justified. This is where my jerkhood came through.

I have a thing for sappy love stories, I admit it. But every once in a while I like looking at the consequences of having a soul mate. What if you meet them early in life? What if you meet them when you’re a total fuck up and you now associate them with the worst of yourself and the destruction you caused? That’s what happens to Jeremy. He runs into his old flame, Desmond, while investigating a case. Desmond is a famous magician who’s created a lot of enemies since he boggarted his way to the top of the witch chain in New York. Jeremy can’t avoid him because of a sex spell they cast when they were teens. This becomes such a point of contention between them that Jeremy skirts death by putting off their ‘meetings’ for as long as possible.

Deep down, Jeremy is terrified that if he gives Desmond the relationship he wants, they’ll go down that path again and more people will die. But over the years, Desmond pulls his act together and he wants to give their relationship another go since they’re not dumb teens practicing dangerous magic anymore. Desmond is also aware that his love puts a target on Jeremy’s back, so he has to figure out how to win Jeremy over without causing major damage around them. Add in the fact that their magic skyrockets when they have sex, and it’s a high wire act not to repeat history.

I had to do the opposite with the sex scenes in this story than in my other tales. Instead of character building with each scene, I had to keep them hot but crash and burn them five steps back in their relationship every time they touched. There’s just not enough trust in each other or themselves, and neither one knows how to deal with that. Then there’s the frustration of knowing this is the best person for you. It’s like the most delicious chocolate chip cookie in the world, but it has raisins. You have to pick out those nasty wrinkled butt fruits but when a perfect chip melts in your mouth, plucking out those nasty bits almost seems worth the trouble. The more Jeremy opens up to his co-workers and Desmond, he gets less raisins in his cookie. I’m not saying he’ll become a saint but there’s a lot of progress to make with him and I’m enjoying the ride. I can’t wait to write the scene when they end up in bed and they get things right instead of adding to their misery.


Novel-Notes_Witches-Jeremy - Copy

Desmond the Great

Novel-Notes_Witches-Older_Desmond - Copy

This is their theme song so far in the story.


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