Invisible Monkey On My Back

It takes a lot of confidence to decide that you will write a book and sell it. You’re pretty much shouting to the world you want to be Hokage and you will train to be the best.

 Naruto - Copy

#1 Hyperactive Knucklehead Writer

And that’s why I’ve made it this far. I’ve written five stories and I’m on my way to finish my sixth one. My biggest hurdle is keeping my confidence throughout this journey. I have no Kakashi or Iruka Sensei, so I have to push myself every day. I have to call out my mistakes, reward myself for goals reached, and determine whether or not my writing is improving. The best way to describe how I manage this without giving in to laziness and doubt is that it’s like having an invisible monkey riding my back.

Monkey Shines


If I don’t want to open the current document I’m working on, head slap from invisible monkey. If I want to procrastinate by searching for pictures of Sailor Jupiter in regular clothes, monkey gets angry.

Monkey Shines_2 - Copy (2)

 The things my parents let me watch when I was five.

I’ve needed that monkey since 2010, but I’m giving him a vacation. Family of Lies: Sebastian(a.k.a. Grumpy Pants), has sold to Dreamspinner Press. I don’t know what to expect from real human encouragement, but my back could really use the rest.


2 thoughts on “Invisible Monkey On My Back

  1. Congrats! Fantastic story. I’ve been searching the web to find your site. Goodreads and Dream didn’t provide any mention of other stories. I want more stories. That’s the problem with discovering a wonderful new writer who’s also a newly published author, no backlist in which to frolic. I wish heaps of inspiration and lots of energy-fueling bananas to that monkey.

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