But, But…People

I need a vacation. I’ve only been trying to get published for about a year, but I’ve been going hard at writing for four. Part of me wants to keep pushing myself, but another part is turning into Snorlax and wants to roll in a ditch with nothing but pillows and munchies. So I’m taking my butt to DragonCon. I can only do a day or two ‘til my body conks out, but it’s a couple days where I’m completely out of my element. Crowds of contagious people, walking in the hot sun, rolling my eyes at drunks calling to each from escalators on opposite sides of the room, and running to catch a panel(activity only done when zombies or an explosion will occur). I can’t stand any of that crap in my everyday life, but Sailor Moon and Labyrinth cosplayers make all that tolerable.

Because outside of the crazy stuff, DragonCon is the one place I feel normal. Heck, I feel good just standing in line to buy a ticket where in front of me, a group discusses which villains they want to see return on Arrow, and behind me, another group discusses the worst anime live action film. This is not something I get outside of a messageboard, so I treasure these moments.


Obligatory hot baddie

A word of advice to anyone wearing a costume, don’t go as Where’s Waldo. I saw a dude get slapped on the shoulder twenty-five times by people shouting, “Found him!” Dude looked like he was done with that costume after slap #fifteen.


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