World Domination Plan Still Needs Improvement

Villainy is never easy.

Part I – It Didn’t Take(September)

“The brain is a fucked up organ. I told myself that I’m allowed to slack off in September, but here I am in the month’s final weeks and I feel guilty for less progress. I wonder if there was some weird part of my brain that thought I’m lying and I’ll push it anyway.” – Past Me

I never got around to posting this but it’s still relevant. I listened to my body when I needed a break, which led to the second part of this post.

Part II – Not So Flawless Victory(October)

“Now that I’m back to my workaholic ways, I’m speeding through Blood and Motive’s edits. This is good because I’m usually held up by revisions and editing it used to seem endless. Frankly, I used to imagine hitting someone over the head with a shovel and burying them in my backyard if they read the first draft of it. Today, I genuinely feel that working on my first novel for so long wasn’t a dumb thing to do when I have other stories to write. I’d been faking that I trusted my decision and turns out I was right. So, the next step is I’m going to finish editing and enjoy this victory. In a career filled with rejection, savoring each win is how you survive.” – Past, Past Me

Part III – Start Your Engines!(Today)

1. It’s obvious I suck at keeping a regular blog.
2. Sinus infections are the devil.
3. I finished Blood and Motive

For your current news, I’m doing NaNo in my usual rebellious way. I have 5 manuscripts open because I have no idea what I’m going to finish first. I’m better at figuring out my writing pace for stories, I increased the heck out of my editing pace, but I still can’t figure out which book will keep my attention ‘til the end of the month. That bothers me, so I am trying to fix it. At the end of November, I’ll look at my results and see if maybe it’s stories with outlines, a lot of plotting, or no plotting that are making it to the final draft stage.


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