My New Normal

Usually on Nov. 19, my NaNo updates look something like this: “Oh my god, I am so far behind. I only have 15,000 words. Why did I do this? I have to write 10,000 words today to keep my head in the game. I should have started on the 1st instead of 4 days ago.”

This years’update: It’s day 19 and I have 52,249 words written. How the eff did that happen? Am I sleepwalking and doing speed? Screw it, celebratory booty dance because I totz won that shit!

Current theme song.

This year’s NaNo put me in a lot of good places. I have less doubt about writing fast and not churning out crap,  and my daily wordcount for this past week is now at 4k. While I still haven’t figured out why certain stories make me write like a demon and others flounder, I am better at spotting problems. I thought Witches For Hire stalled because I couldn’t see the book’s ending, but it turns out not knowing how the whole series will end is what hampered me. That ending came to me a couple days ago and made me hit a 7k sprint. Like I said, my brain is weird.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a great mood that I’m seeing a bunch of other writers who have troubles this month killing it this year, but a lot of writers are being bitten by the success bug. I also have to leave you with this pic.


Yes, I am total smugness right now.


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