Ten Random Facts About Me

I’ve never done one of these before, and I need to relax my brain while I’m figuring out which story is dropping into the wip1 spot.

  1. One time, I got diarrhea so bad after food poisoning that my pooping sounded like that pee scene in the beginning of Austin Powers. I thought I was going to die.
  2. I used to shoot the shit with a Little Debbie driver in the back of his truck when I was 9. I thank every deity he wasn’t a serial killer.
  3. I found out mid-ride on a roller coaster that my safety bar wasn’t locked properly; not the Six Flags experience I wanted.
  4. I may have instigated a rule change at basic training because I was skipping meals(stomach pain from undiagnosed infection).
  5. I’ve been told my laugh sounds like a donkey or I’m having an orgasm.
  6. I almost caused a security incident at the Statue of Liberty because I left my purse at a security check point.
  7. Despite my dislike of sports unless it involves sparkling costumes or arrows, I am Waterboy good at tackling people.
  8. I was born in Japan, so if I ever lose my birth certificate or social security card, not good.
  9. I’m the only person in my family who isn’t almost legally blind without their glasses. I’ve been designated contact hunter since I was six.
  10. I can mimic voices and accents.

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