Always the Hard Way

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Mountain shmountain

Today’s wip update is brought to you by an insomniac drinking way too much Baja Blast.

Current stories:

Witches for Hire – sitting at 50k after NaNo boost.

Keep Calm and Drink Tea – Werewolf story about a polite occult shopkeeper who’s trying to keep monster hunters off his tail while ducking Dracula’s plans to add another pet to his monster kennel. This one is 41k, and I have no idea how long it’s going to be. Loose guess is 60k.

My two YA problem children, a.k.a., ‘Why oh why am I working on stories without sex in them that I’ll probably have to write under another pseudonym?’:

The Strongest Sword – So far only an 800 word beginning about a young man who’s the heir to the throne in another world where a tournament to be king will happen in two years. MC has to decide if fighting for the throne is worth risking his life when the king shunned his mother for marrying a human. This story was inspired by the fact that I am so tired of shounen stories with good chemistry between male leads never going anywhere. I also wanted to do a portal fantasy because I’ve loved those type of stories since I was a wee ogre introduced to anime.

Santa Kills – Slasher about a teen girl who witnesses a guy dressed as Santa kill her neighbors when she’s sick with flu. She passes out, tells her parents what happened, but there’s no sign of the bodies. People start disappearing around town, and then the bodies pop up in the town’s Christmas decorations.


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