All the Dandys

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This is what my brain looks like.

I’ve been having one of those useless self-doubt moments where I don’t even know what’s bugging me. I kinda figured it out after I did the most sensible and adult thing; I took a nap. After getting four hours, I realized I have no idea what the hell I write. That’s the problem with writing a wide scale of genres and tones. At the end of the day, I have no idea what the hell they all have in common or how to put everything into a coherent career plan. If all my stories were humorous and dripping with romance from page one, I could work with that. But…*looks at wip list of sweet romance, serial killers, portal fantasy, spies, and witches*.


C’mon, Brain, throw me a frickin bone! We’re friends, we’re pals. I’m supposed to know what you know and-argh!

Alrighty, I got that out of my system. That said, I saw a few hints this morning about ‘what’ I write when I did my ‘obsessive scouring of writing sites to find out what’s wrong with me’ routine.

  1. I write openings that throw you into the story from the first line. Those opening descriptive paragraphs that most people write are torture to me.
  2. Most of my characters are horny dudes and dudettes.
  3. I write a lot of characters with questionable morals/ethics compared to their peers.
  4. I think most of my main characters can be put in the Good Guy Camp. I think.
  5. Most of my stories have happy endings.
  6. Out of my crap ton of wips, there are only two stories I’d let children or my family read.

That’s all I got for now, and I have to force my OCD self to accept it. For now. There will be more obsessing in my future.


One thought on “All the Dandys

  1. Your list for f six commonalities in your stories is like my wish list for truly favored fics. Having finished Sebastian, I have to say you’re now on my to be bought immediately list. I hope all your dreams come true and selfishly hope for many more published works in your future. Thank you for writing such entertaining, morally questionable, snarky, romantic awesomeness!

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