Hopefully, Permanent Side Effects


My brain on NaNo.

Last NaNo did funny things to my brain. Instead of failing miserably, I typed 30k over, and I haven’t slowed down. The high output I achieved in wordcounts is just as useful in editing. I’m zooming through my checklists and have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. Now I play on the internet because I finished my work. *Shakes head* I don’t recognize myself anymore. *Looks in mirror* Who am I?

Procrastinating was such a strong habit, that I never imagined it going away. I am starting to teeter into the bad side of workaholicism, so I’m using breaks to exercise and you know, eat. That’s the other thing about wanting to work 24/7 on stories(This isn’t an exaggeration. I seriously have to force myself to stop writing to sleep). Eating too much junk food annoys me now because the itis makes me too tired to work. That’s right, you heard me. If someone offered me oreos, I would only take four cookies.

As someone who wants to be a paid full-time writer, this is a humongous level-up for me because procrastination seemed like an enemy I’d be fighting for years. I’m not taking my win for granted either. Working my ass off is what got me to this point, and working my ass off is what’s gonna keep my head above water. I will not forget that.


 Fight Oh!


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