Editors Aren’t Scary People


“Let me fix you…with knives!” (Deep down what you’re expecting.)

I know this logically, but I personally know after getting back edits from the publisher. And believe me that first email? I looked at it like I was watching one of those, ‘Oh god, why did I eat spaghetti for dinner?’ episodes of Hannibal. Once I opened the email and downloaded the pages, there were actually only a few winces. Mostly at how lazy I’ve gotten over the years with my comma use. Some instances of repetitiveness that when highlighted you think, ‘How did I not notice that before?’ So I would compare being edited to the first time you get a vaccination shot(if you’re not scared of needles). You’re terrified before the needle goes in, but the nurse lets you know it’ll be okay. Next thing you know, the nurse is done, the band-aid is going on, and it wasn’t that bad. Except instead of a flu-free body, you get a healthy book. I’m okay with that.


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