Too Sick For Catchy Title

Long time no see, World. Happy New Year!


Aww, Yeah!

2014 was pretty much me getting my ass in gear. Met my wordcount goals, sped up editing, blogging more, lost weight, and figured out better meal plans. Witches for Hire is in the last leg, and I’ll probably finish it this weekend. That’s why my New Year’s post is late. Well, that and my throat feels like I swallowed lava. My resolutions are usually about recycling last year’s promises, but 2014 was the Grand Poobah year of the last decade. But, I did manage to scrounge up a few goals because writing has made me a little Type-A.

  1. Write better outlines. Editing would probably go as fast as my writing if I did more planning.
  2. Draw every day.
  3. If I manage to buy a new desktop soon, I can’t let that be an excuse to gain back the weight I lost.
  4. Take my vitamins like I’m supposed to because humanity is too friggin contagious.

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