Under Pressure


Levelling up is my religion!

Of course by my own hand because if something feels easier, I gotta up the stakes. So, the plague is slowly dissipating, but I’ve hit a slowdown. The easy thing to do is rest a few more days, but, eh, fuck it. During this week I’ve run into writing advice that would be great for Healthy Me and insane for Drippy Sinuses Me. Some of the advice is from Aleks Voinov about productivity, and an old blog post about a writing challenge called Book In A Week.

Since I don’t have anything to lose with Sebastian’s edits almost wrapped up, I’m tackling the Book in A Week challenge while also finishing Witches for Hire that got stalled by my plague. That’s the thing I love about writing. I’ve spent days coughing up a lung, but I never forget there’s always more I can do.


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