The Power of Sugar

Sorry for the silence. I’ve been working in my mind how I was going to announce something that took me a while to realize. After November, I was writing every day, all day, and mostly taking eating/bathroom breaks. It wasn’t until the end of December that the light bulb went off in my head. I had transitioned into being a full time writer. I think it took me a while to see it because I expected the jump to be huge. But there was no fanfare, no epic dilemma of ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’, and it came as a Eureka moment as I was eating Cocoa Puffs and scanning through edits at five in the morning.


Ask me about world hunger while I eat sugary greatness!

Then I went into panic mode. How do I stay full time? Should I search for an agent again? I need a new desktop. I need to sell, sell, sell! End freak out. Next came practical mode. I would look at my work and think, That’s not good enough, try again. Luckily, I got pissed at myself because I was breaking the number one rule; keep writing fun. That shook me back to my senses. I whipped out an off-the-wall werewolf story I put aside while editing my sold story. My brain raced with crazier ideas for it, and I returned to my old self.

Being full time is a gamechanger, but that doesn’t mean that writing has to feel like a job. So, I’m drawing a line in the sand. From conception ‘til contract, my stories are for my enjoyment. After I sign the contract, business mode on. I’m probably going to freak out and mess up again, but I think this is the right choice.

My career plan has also been amended. The publishing world is too fluid to make long term decisions, and it’s easier to think things through one day at a time.

Gotham-Enigma - Copy

Writing is like having this dude quiz you with riddles every week. He is a jerkass.


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