I’m Not Weird.

Okay, I’m totally weird, but I’m not alone. One of the reasons I wrote Sebastian was because I wanted more gay pairings in fantasy that was true romance. No tragic hero to walk off into the sunset alone, and no thinking ‘If I wanted to see something that depressing, I’d just turn on the news’.


A loner’s gotta be alone.

In general, I don’t mind sadness in stories. I like romance because in the end, you know the pain will end unlike the lack of guaranteed happy endings we have in the real world.

On to less bleak worldviews from a realist. The upside is no matter how many observations I make, I can’t predict what’s going to happen. So moments like seeing Sebastian’s sales take off came as a total surprise. Going on data from publishing research, the publisher I chose, and how much I loved writing Sebastian, I expected decent sales. What I’m seeing across multiple platforms are double the numbers I anticipated. I thank readers for that because, again, I’m not the only one who wanted to read a book like this.


3 thoughts on “I’m Not Weird.

  1. I enjoyed this book sooooo much. It was just – it was,like, perfect. I really needed a well written fantasy. I was starting to lose hope. Right on and write on!

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