What’s In A Name?

In Sam Argent, a lot. When I chose to publish professionally, I decided to go with a pen name. My birth name looks deceptively easy to pronounce, but it’s butchered too many times. So I wanted something simple, and a name I would answer to if called it in a crowd.

Sam was the make-believe name I went by when I was little because all gumshoes walking the streets were called that. I probably went a little overboard christening my late iguana with it too, but even back then I didn’t scrimp on creating stories.


Solving crimes and threatening jerry curl activators.

When I hit my teens, I actually went so far as to look up private detective licenses. Unfortunately, my mom said ‘Hell no!’ to that unrealistic career choice(heh heh, and yet I went into writing). Around that time, Anne McCaffrey used dragons to steal me from my mystery obsession, and Eddings made sure I stayed stolen by introducing me to Polgara. I earned the nickname ‘Sorceress’ after that and rocked a silver streak in my hair.  I wanted to incorporate those early years of my imagination with who I am today into my pseudonym, so it would have meaning and make me smile whenever I heard it. Thus, Sam Argent was born.

Now, I have run into one problem. Back in the day, Sam was more gender neutral, but I’ve seen fewer female Sams recently. That’s probably why I’ve seen some people refer to me as ‘he’. I’m not offended, it’s just an observation about trends. So, yes, I’m a woman who goes by Sam, Sammy, but never Samantha. That manth sound makes my ears itch.


Female Sams will make a comeback goshdarnit.


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