The Great Dragon

It was that time of the year where I give my brain a break from obsessing over writing and leave for Dragon Con. I have no pictures because I can’t carry a camera(deadweight at a con) and my hands tremble(no worries just regular effects from walking in the heat) too much to take decent pics on an old smart phone. Friday was a blast as usual, and when the crowds got too much, I either hid in the second food court or at the Westin’s lounges. Not so much Saturday because the crowds became crushes of people, and my body hates being jostled. No one was outright rude just oblivious when they made dead stops. This meant I stood to the side instead of participating, but I chatted with Dragon Con and hotel staff who wanted a friendly ear to vent to. Me and another nosy girl got asked if we were Undercover Boss before the worker started talking to us.

Saturday wasn’t always overwhelming despite the fact that I missed Arrow’s panel due to full capacity about 15 people in front me. Curse you, cruel world! If I was fifty back, that would have been less painful, and I would stop thinking about which bodily function I could have ignored to make it. One badass memory was the Super Fantasy panel. If you ever have the chance to see Lynn Abbey, Todd McCaffrey, Chuck Wendig, and Naomi Novik(forgive me if I left out anyone because my memory is bad and my short self could only see two faces)together, take it. They were like a professional comedy troupe playing off each other as they demonstrated through a game of Person, Place, and Thing with the audience about how to build stories. The track director was also a good sport as she was chosen to be the person placed on a Viking ship, inside a bouncy castle, and at some point there was a Voltron cat. I’m not doing the panel any justice, but it was a great time.


Make me laugh, and I can take any weirdness.

Dragon Con has grown into a beast. Sometimes I can handle it, and sometimes I need to hide in the Westin lounge while chomping on a Willy’s burrito and hoping my quiet corner doesn’t get Bogarted by a podcaster who can’t read hunched hermit body language.


This is Sam’s quiet corner. Go away! We eats you! We eats the bad interviewer!


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