Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Another double post because if I put off this announcement for happier times, that may be a depressingly long way off. Soooo drumroll, trumpet blares, and a smoke bomb for extra pizzazz! Here’s the cover(by Catt Ford) for Witches For Hire that has a publishing date set for April 4, 2017!



3 thoughts on “Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. Dear Sam, it saddens me to say this but i’ve been stalking your social media accounts for months in the hopes of hearing some news about when will I be able to read Kevin and Luke’s story. I’m pretty excited about this book ’cause you are writing it and i’m sure it’s going to be funny, sarcastic and adventurous although April feels like years away. But please, give me some news about Kevin and Luke. Maybe you share some news concerning them but I didn’t see them. So I would really appreciate it if you could give us a little bit information. Thank you for your great work!

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