Glad To Be Here Again

I would only run a long distance if zombies were after me, but having Witches For Hire ready for pre-order feels like I’m walking up to a marathon start line. I’ve run it once with Sebastian, but the second time around is just as nerve-wracking. Despite the constant butterflies in my stomach, succeeding at making it to this point again is worth the stress. My crappy health and my doubts couldn’t stop me, so there will be a third and a fourth marathon.

As for the very late YA books update, I’ve divided it into three parts. The first part will cover my pseudonym and goals, the second will address the standalones that are planned, and then the third will be about the Banshee series. My energy levels took a big hit last month(slowly improving thanks to a shit load of vitamins and supplements), so shorter blog posts will be the norm for a while.


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