YA Nibbles Part 3


Yes, my friends and I were this corny, and it was nice.

Banshee is a combination of wish fulfillment of what I wanted while binging on several Urban Fantasy series over the years and a thank you to the bounty of strong female friends who surrounded me as a teen. In my mind back then, a group of girls similarly raised by parents who couldn’t be bothered by gender restrictions was normal. As I got older and my social circle expanded, I met a lot of women whose nerdy or sports’ endeavors got squashed at young ages by family and friends because ‘that’s not what girls were supposed to do’. I hate that those stories still happen, and maybe sharing tales of the confidence building relationships that made me immune to a lot of bullshit women get as adults is a little something that I can do, just y’know, with ghosts, monster hunting, and two girls falling in love for the first time.

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