Hello Again, Release Day!

This post is later than planned because I had to chase down the garbage truck dude and then take my dog out because he was deeply offended at being left behind.

So today, Witches For Hire, the first in the Odd Jobs series, is stepping out into the world.


This is a weird release for me because it represents the sliver of my brain dealing with the bitterness and loss of the so-called ‘right path.’ I haven’t always had the healthiest coping mechanisms for this, and my characters(Especially Jeremy) are worse. Digging yourself out of that hole to find a light of some hope can be hard as hell, but Witches For Hire is the start of that. Each following book will be another step toward more trust shared among the main characters and acceptance of pasts that they can’t change leading to unbreakable bonds. So take your pick out of the links here:

DSP Publications


Barnes and Noble



And enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Hello Again, Release Day!

  1. I’ve read Family of Lies: Sebastian (which I Loved!), and just started this one. I can already tell you’re an author I will be putting on my auto-buy list.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. NEXT!!!! Although witch for hire was confusing in the beginning, I really enjoyed it by the end of the novel, I hoping for a sequel!!!
    By the way… You really writes good novels. but family of lies was a master piece. I loved Sebastian father.
    Soo I’m reading IMPATIENTLY for the next sequel for BOTH novels

  3. Loved this novel!

    Also loved Family of Lies, but found this one more manageable as far as creating a cast in my mind-film (Does this make sense?).

    Can’t wait for the second Family book to release, though!

    Anyways, just wanted to drop by and say thanks for your awesome writing!

    I’ll keep an eye out for your next release!

    I’m dropping a review on GR soon!

    Sorry for ending everything on an “!” .

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