Quick and Dirty Update

Thanks to Fall being around the corner, my energy is at top level, so I get to amp up my work load again. The main goal is to write like hell until late Spring when the temps start rising again, so I’m less frustrated during forced downtime. After I finish Kevin’s synopsis, I’ll be switching back and forth between YA wips and novellas. Juggling two pseudonyms is definitely gonna be an experience. Errands have wiped me out, so this’ll have to do it for now.

4 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Update

  1. I’m so excited to ser you’re writing Kevin’s story! He was my favorite of the siblings! (Though I liked all of them. ) I’ve looked through your blog but can’t find an estimated release date or list of WIPs? Is there one?

  2. I love your books! I really can’t put them down when I start. Recently re-read family of lies 🙂
    Super excited for whatever you write next, in whatever series!
    (sorry for all the exclamation points haha).
    I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

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