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Lady with a Plan

It took a long time to admit this, but basically, most of the editing I do during winter ain’t worth a damn.


It’s frustrating to realize this after how much I went through to get work done when I was in so much pain, but it’s best if I just accept my limitations before repeating the same bullshit. So any editing I don’t get done before mid-November will probably stay unfinished until late Spring or Summer. That’s pretty much my writing schedule from now on. Binge writing/editing from Spring through Fall, and only slow writing sessions when Winter hits.

I haven’t run into another snag in Kevin’s edits yet and will finish them sooner than I thought, but my official word is that it’ll be ready in June.

Banshee might be ready to submit in September. Even though the writing is going quickly, I’m leaving some space for the possibility of edits dragging a little.

Witches For Hire 2(Witches For Hire: Covens) is really coming together too.

The Strongest Sword is on pause until my brain sorts out the worldbuilding and more of the middle section.

The weekend zapped my spoons, so this’ll be all for the day.

YA Nibbles Part 3


Yes, my friends and I were this corny, and it was nice.

Banshee is a combination of wish fulfillment of what I wanted while binging on several Urban Fantasy series over the years and a thank you to the bounty of strong female friends who surrounded me as a teen. In my mind back then, a group of girls similarly raised by parents who couldn’t be bothered by gender restrictions was normal. As I got older and my social circle expanded, I met a lot of women whose nerdy or sports’ endeavors got squashed at young ages by family and friends because ‘that’s not what girls were supposed to do’. I hate that those stories still happen, and maybe sharing tales of the confidence building relationships that made me immune to a lot of bullshit women get as adults is a little something that I can do, just y’know, with ghosts, monster hunting, and two girls falling in love for the first time.