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Lady With a Bad Body

As I’ve stated on Twitter, thank you everyone for the well-wishes and staying patient with me.

Soooooo. That whole feeling better thing lasted for like a week and a half after my last post, and then turned into an agony that left me crying in bed too many nights to count. It turns out that my pain flares were actually coming in cycles. Deep stabbing muscle pain for 1-2 months while every part of my body was a charley horse waiting to happen.


Next, a month of stomach pain that made it hard to eat or sleep without feeling like I was gonna puke.


And a few months of excruciating nerve pain mixed in.


Rinse, repeat for a year.

All my writing took a hit because it was hard to concentrate, and my memory got so bad that it scared me a little.


Losing weight was an experience that I will not ever fucking do again in the future. If this wasn’t for the sake of my legs and feet, I would have tapped out.

On to the wonderful world of writing. Kevin’s ending has bugged me for an annoying two years, and while I’ve seen part of the problem, at the back of my mind, I knew there was something off. In all of the previous damn revisions, I still managed to miss a few events that were out of order and created big plot holes. That feeling is finally gone after the last fix, but I’m still reading through it to make sure I seamed it back together without fucking it up in other places.

Witches For Hire 2 is coming along nicely. It stopped fighting me once I realized that the things that don’t quite fit the main characters of the current series, other ideas can go into an offshoot. The offshoot will be way down the line, so I won’t talk about it much until after WFH’s four other books are wrapped up.

That’s all I can think of for now, so see you, Space Cowboy.

My Inner Editor is Very Confused

I have this weird hang up about my writing voice(mostly childhood asskickings for being myself). I can understand why people like it in my blogs, but I have no idea why it’s not stupid in my writing. Blogging for me has been for goofing around anonymously, so I see strong voice as being meant to be there. Stylistically, I know being a weird goofball churns out my best writing, but I still have to remind myself that it’s okay and a fairy won’t appear out of nowhere to rap my knuckles for letting loose while I write.


Bring it, giant writer!

On to the next hang up. I’m having trouble finishing my last round of edits on my current wips. I look at them and think there’s too much wrong with them, so why bother? Then the lightbulb came on this morning. Because this is my first time editing so many stories at once, I don’t have the mental dividers built yet like when I’m writing. I’m looking at the character development issues in one wip, the plot issues in another, and telling myself that I suck at everything.


This is horrible. That is horrible.

So, instead of combining all of my Inner Editor’s criticisms into a Captain Planet of negativity, I’m hammering my brain to only see a single story’s flaws.


Brain, don’t be this guy.

Editors Aren’t Scary People


“Let me fix you…with knives!” (Deep down what you’re expecting.)

I know this logically, but I personally know after getting back edits from the publisher. And believe me that first email? I looked at it like I was watching one of those, ‘Oh god, why did I eat spaghetti for dinner?’ episodes of Hannibal. Once I opened the email and downloaded the pages, there were actually only a few winces. Mostly at how lazy I’ve gotten over the years with my comma use. Some instances of repetitiveness that when highlighted you think, ‘How did I not notice that before?’ So I would compare being edited to the first time you get a vaccination shot(if you’re not scared of needles). You’re terrified before the needle goes in, but the nurse lets you know it’ll be okay. Next thing you know, the nurse is done, the band-aid is going on, and it wasn’t that bad. Except instead of a flu-free body, you get a healthy book. I’m okay with that.