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Crying Wolf

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen my health updates for when I’m coming out of Fibro pain flares or energy dives from Anemia. Lately, I’ve been more mistaken than right about oncoming good days. It’s annoying and feels like I’m ‘crying wolf’ about when to expect more output from me, but I’ve realized the reason is that I don’t know my body anymore. Some older limitations from before I had gained weight are returning, but I have longer endurance in activities I was ready to give up on a year ago. The upticks in my strength and energy are so random that I mess up planning my work schedule or attending events because the old signals for a streak of generous-spoons days turns out to be wrong, and it’s just a half-day energy boost.

There is good news. Since flares are triggered by wherever fat is disappearing causing nerve pain and new aches over bones which suddenly have less padding to protect them, they’ve decreased in intensity around my hands, hips, and ankles because there’s not that much excess fat left in those areas. Those flares were the worst and made concentrating on writing and editing nearly impossible. I swear my body has more drama than a Shonda Rhimes show.

Edits for Kevin are coming along, and I’m still aiming for a finish date this month. There are some scenes where I wonder if my 2016 election anxiety is coming through too much, so I’m gonna reread those bits today. Alrighty, I’m getting back to work and hoping to update more frequently.