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Lady With a Bad Body

As I’ve stated on Twitter, thank you everyone for the well-wishes and staying patient with me.

Soooooo. That whole feeling better thing lasted for like a week and a half after my last post, and then turned into an agony that left me crying in bed too many nights to count. It turns out that my pain flares were actually coming in cycles. Deep stabbing muscle pain for 1-2 months while every part of my body was a charley horse waiting to happen.


Next, a month of stomach pain that made it hard to eat or sleep without feeling like I was gonna puke.


And a few months of excruciating nerve pain mixed in.


Rinse, repeat for a year.

All my writing took a hit because it was hard to concentrate, and my memory got so bad that it scared me a little.


Losing weight was an experience that I will not ever fucking do again in the future. If this wasn’t for the sake of my legs and feet, I would have tapped out.

On to the wonderful world of writing. Kevin’s ending has bugged me for an annoying two years, and while I’ve seen part of the problem, at the back of my mind, I knew there was something off. In all of the previous damn revisions, I still managed to miss a few events that were out of order and created big plot holes. That feeling is finally gone after the last fix, but I’m still reading through it to make sure I seamed it back together without fucking it up in other places.

Witches For Hire 2 is coming along nicely. It stopped fighting me once I realized that the things that don’t quite fit the main characters of the current series, other ideas can go into an offshoot. The offshoot will be way down the line, so I won’t talk about it much until after WFH’s four other books are wrapped up.

That’s all I can think of for now, so see you, Space Cowboy.

Lady with a Plan

It took a long time to admit this, but basically, most of the editing I do during winter ain’t worth a damn.


It’s frustrating to realize this after how much I went through to get work done when I was in so much pain, but it’s best if I just accept my limitations before repeating the same bullshit. So any editing I don’t get done before mid-November will probably stay unfinished until late Spring or Summer. That’s pretty much my writing schedule from now on. Binge writing/editing from Spring through Fall, and only slow writing sessions when Winter hits.

I haven’t run into another snag in Kevin’s edits yet and will finish them sooner than I thought, but my official word is that it’ll be ready in June.

Banshee might be ready to submit in September. Even though the writing is going quickly, I’m leaving some space for the possibility of edits dragging a little.

Witches For Hire 2(Witches For Hire: Covens) is really coming together too.

The Strongest Sword is on pause until my brain sorts out the worldbuilding and more of the middle section.

The weekend zapped my spoons, so this’ll be all for the day.

Quick and Dirty Update

Thanks to Fall being around the corner, my energy is at top level, so I get to amp up my work load again. The main goal is to write like hell until late Spring when the temps start rising again, so I’m less frustrated during forced downtime. After I finish Kevin’s synopsis, I’ll be switching back and forth between YA wips and novellas. Juggling two pseudonyms is definitely gonna be an experience. Errands have wiped me out, so this’ll have to do it for now.

Crying Wolf

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen my health updates for when I’m coming out of Fibro pain flares or energy dives from Anemia. Lately, I’ve been more mistaken than right about oncoming good days. It’s annoying and feels like I’m ‘crying wolf’ about when to expect more output from me, but I’ve realized the reason is that I don’t know my body anymore. Some older limitations from before I had gained weight are returning, but I have longer endurance in activities I was ready to give up on a year ago. The upticks in my strength and energy are so random that I mess up planning my work schedule or attending events because the old signals for a streak of generous-spoons days turns out to be wrong, and it’s just a half-day energy boost.

There is good news. Since flares are triggered by wherever fat is disappearing causing nerve pain and new aches over bones which suddenly have less padding to protect them, they’ve decreased in intensity around my hands, hips, and ankles because there’s not that much excess fat left in those areas. Those flares were the worst and made concentrating on writing and editing nearly impossible. I swear my body has more drama than a Shonda Rhimes show.

Edits for Kevin are coming along, and I’m still aiming for a finish date this month. There are some scenes where I wonder if my 2016 election anxiety is coming through too much, so I’m gonna reread those bits today. Alrighty, I’m getting back to work and hoping to update more frequently.

A Pain That I’m Used To


Oh God, there’s finally a light at the end of Revisions Tunnel. It probably wouldn’t have been so hellish if my back hadn’t gone out on me and then gotten exasperated by sitting shotgun on an eleven hour road trip to Indiana. These last two months have been awful painwise, but binging sports anime on Crunchyroll and eating quite a lot of cupcakes and ice cream for meals pulled me through it. It was nostalgic revising Kevin while convalescing because Sebastian was also a story completed during months trapped in bed. The familiar anger at my body for it being the reason why I couldn’t get more done, feeling comforted by the glare of my laptop screen as I managed a few lines of words or fixes. I could have lived without reliving those memories, but maybe that’s why I could bounce back quickly. This happens so many times that it’s almost normal to me now.


My neck does actually feel like that sometimes.

Unfortunately, pain doesn’t bring clarity. The set-up of Kevin’s ending has bugged the shit out of me because of too many similarities with Sebastian’s ending, and unless I figured out how the damn thing was supposed to play out, fixing other parts affected by that scene would be meaningless. Then this weekend came, I was in a lot less pain, and the new set-up just about walked in front of me in a trench coat and flashed me. So you’re gonna see less of me on Twitter for a while, and the soft deadline for Kevin’s edits to be finished is mid-June. Hard deadline is July. You’ll probably see another progress report in about two weeks, so I’ll have more of a handle on where I’m at in editing and can figure out a new schedule for working on my YA novels. *Sigh* My kingdom for a cyborg body that has a built-in frappuccino machine that provides drinks while I write.