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YA Nibbles Part 3


Yes, my friends and I were this corny, and it was nice.

Banshee is a combination of wish fulfillment of what I wanted while binging on several Urban Fantasy series over the years and a thank you to the bounty of strong female friends who surrounded me as a teen. In my mind back then, a group of girls similarly raised by parents who couldn’t be bothered by gender restrictions was normal. As I got older and my social circle expanded, I met a lot of women whose nerdy or sports’ endeavors got squashed at young ages by family and friends because ‘that’s not what girls were supposed to do’. I hate that those stories still happen, and maybe sharing tales of the confidence building relationships that made me immune to a lot of bullshit women get as adults is a little something that I can do, just y’know, with ghosts, monster hunting, and two girls falling in love for the first time.


YA Nibbles Part 2


Lies! You are a standalone.

A funny thing about most of my adult themed stories, they usually bombard me with sequels as soon as I figure out half of the plot. The YA portion of my brain is the opposite. I come up with numerous one-offs and am fine to go about my day after hitting the end. This isn’t written in stone, but I don’t want to get anyone’s expectations up. The books themselves will cross into several genres like fantasy, thriller, horror, scifi, and contemporary. No similar promises of happy endings all the time like books under Sam Argent, but you can probably expect them in stories where there is an obvious romantic subplot.

Which leads me to The Strongest Sword. It’s pretty much a Mortal Kombat tournament for the throne in another world, but funny and not super depressing. Due to strange circumstances of birth, my leading man, Ryan, is kidnapped from the Earth Realm to cast his vote for a fighter. His half human weak self is absolutely not supposed to participate. Since I’m evil, that’s totally going to happen, and I’m currently working on the training section in the first third of the book. Watching sports shows like Haikyuu have been a big help as far as learning to build a good team dynamic and creating anticipation for matches.

My Christmas serial killer book, Santa Kills, got pushed back because Banshee forced its way to the front, and Winter feels very meh for me this year. I think when Spring rolls through, the spark will be back.

Alrighty then, I’ll see you guys soon with Part 3 focusing on the f/f YA urban fantasy that stole my heart.

YA Nibbles Part 1

My brain is a pitiful creature pulled in a dozen directions at once, and I’m finally ready to give one of them a true voice alongside Sam Argent. So today, I’m introducing you to Tamia Benson. There aren’t a bunch of secret nerdy references buried in this pseudonym, but there is a simple statement; a black woman wrote this book. Due to writing and my health, I’m usually watching on the sidelines when drama breaks out in the YA world. There were more than a few times when I wanted to deplete my spoons to rant on for days, and more than a few times when writing was the only thing that stopped me from becoming discouraged about entering that type of environment. Hell, writing sex scenes was less daunting than just being reminded of the statistics constantly working against POC in the YA market. So I guess this where having a life of shitty luck comes in. I’ve been through a lot, both physically and mentally, and if anyone is dumb enough to stand in my way, God help that poor soul.