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Lady With a Bad Body

As I’ve stated on Twitter, thank you everyone for the well-wishes and staying patient with me.

Soooooo. That whole feeling better thing lasted for like a week and a half after my last post, and then turned into an agony that left me crying in bed too many nights to count. It turns out that my pain flares were actually coming in cycles. Deep stabbing muscle pain for 1-2 months while every part of my body was a charley horse waiting to happen.


Next, a month of stomach pain that made it hard to eat or sleep without feeling like I was gonna puke.


And a few months of excruciating nerve pain mixed in.


Rinse, repeat for a year.

All my writing took a hit because it was hard to concentrate, and my memory got so bad that it scared me a little.


Losing weight was an experience that I will not ever fucking do again in the future. If this wasn’t for the sake of my legs and feet, I would have tapped out.

On to the wonderful world of writing. Kevin’s ending has bugged me for an annoying two years, and while I’ve seen part of the problem, at the back of my mind, I knew there was something off. In all of the previous damn revisions, I still managed to miss a few events that were out of order and created big plot holes. That feeling is finally gone after the last fix, but I’m still reading through it to make sure I seamed it back together without fucking it up in other places.

Witches For Hire 2 is coming along nicely. It stopped fighting me once I realized that the things that don’t quite fit the main characters of the current series, other ideas can go into an offshoot. The offshoot will be way down the line, so I won’t talk about it much until after WFH’s four other books are wrapped up.

That’s all I can think of for now, so see you, Space Cowboy.


Alrighty. My thirtieth birthday is on the eleventh, and what better way to celebrate than to make April one of my crazy goals months. This means multiple first drafts, and by golly I will finish editing Witches for Hire. Yes, there will be an Orwell story in the mix, but I don’t know which one is taking the second slot. While the optimistic goal is finishing all of my checklist, the main one is to see where I’m at production-wise. I’ll try to post my progress here and on twitter, but there will be a few days of radio silence when I’ve reached ‘fuck-it-all exhaustion’ and I’m binge watching Supernatural while eating ice cream. I know this sounds unhealthy, but I love testing my mental limits.


There are worse habits.

Always the Hard Way

Blog-Princess_Bride - Copy

Mountain shmountain

Today’s wip update is brought to you by an insomniac drinking way too much Baja Blast.

Current stories:

Witches for Hire – sitting at 50k after NaNo boost.

Keep Calm and Drink Tea – Werewolf story about a polite occult shopkeeper who’s trying to keep monster hunters off his tail while ducking Dracula’s plans to add another pet to his monster kennel. This one is 41k, and I have no idea how long it’s going to be. Loose guess is 60k.

My two YA problem children, a.k.a., ‘Why oh why am I working on stories without sex in them that I’ll probably have to write under another pseudonym?’:

The Strongest Sword – So far only an 800 word beginning about a young man who’s the heir to the throne in another world where a tournament to be king will happen in two years. MC has to decide if fighting for the throne is worth risking his life when the king shunned his mother for marrying a human. This story was inspired by the fact that I am so tired of shounen stories with good chemistry between male leads never going anywhere. I also wanted to do a portal fantasy because I’ve loved those type of stories since I was a wee ogre introduced to anime.

Santa Kills – Slasher about a teen girl who witnesses a guy dressed as Santa kill her neighbors when she’s sick with flu. She passes out, tells her parents what happened, but there’s no sign of the bodies. People start disappearing around town, and then the bodies pop up in the town’s Christmas decorations.

My New Normal

Usually on Nov. 19, my NaNo updates look something like this: “Oh my god, I am so far behind. I only have 15,000 words. Why did I do this? I have to write 10,000 words today to keep my head in the game. I should have started on the 1st instead of 4 days ago.”

This years’update: It’s day 19 and I have 52,249 words written. How the eff did that happen? Am I sleepwalking and doing speed? Screw it, celebratory booty dance because I totz won that shit!

Current theme song.

This year’s NaNo put me in a lot of good places. I have less doubt about writing fast and not churning out crap,  and my daily wordcount for this past week is now at 4k. While I still haven’t figured out why certain stories make me write like a demon and others flounder, I am better at spotting problems. I thought Witches For Hire stalled because I couldn’t see the book’s ending, but it turns out not knowing how the whole series will end is what hampered me. That ending came to me a couple days ago and made me hit a 7k sprint. Like I said, my brain is weird.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a great mood that I’m seeing a bunch of other writers who have troubles this month killing it this year, but a lot of writers are being bitten by the success bug. I also have to leave you with this pic.


Yes, I am total smugness right now.

World Domination Plan Still Needs Improvement

Villainy is never easy.

Part I – It Didn’t Take(September)

“The brain is a fucked up organ. I told myself that I’m allowed to slack off in September, but here I am in the month’s final weeks and I feel guilty for less progress. I wonder if there was some weird part of my brain that thought I’m lying and I’ll push it anyway.” – Past Me

I never got around to posting this but it’s still relevant. I listened to my body when I needed a break, which led to the second part of this post.

Part II – Not So Flawless Victory(October)

“Now that I’m back to my workaholic ways, I’m speeding through Blood Runs Thicker Than Water’s edits. This is good because I’m usually held up by revisions and editing it used to seem endless. Frankly, I used to imagine hitting someone over the head with a shovel and burying them in my backyard if they read the first draft of it. Today, I genuinely feel that working on my first novel for so long wasn’t a dumb thing to do when I have other stories to write. I’d been faking that I trusted my decision and turns out I was right. So, the next step is I’m going to finish editing and enjoy this victory. In a career filled with rejection, savoring each win is how you survive.” – Past, Past Me

Part III – Start Your Engines!(Today)

1. It’s obvious I suck at keeping a regular blog.
2. Sinus infections are the devil.
3. I finished Blood Runs Thicker Than Water

For your current news, I’m doing NaNo in my usual rebellious way. I have 5 manuscripts open because I have no idea what I’m going to finish first. I’m better at figuring out my writing pace for stories, I increased the heck out of my editing pace, but I still can’t figure out which book will keep my attention ‘til the end of the month. That bothers me, so I am trying to fix it. At the end of November, I’ll look at my results and see if maybe it’s stories with outlines, a lot of plotting, or no plotting that are making it to the final draft stage.